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MVTA understands that riding the bus for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. We are committed to helping you travel safely and independently using public transportation.

Trip Planning

Where are you beginning your commute? Please choose from the following:

Online trip planning includes all regional routes and can be accessed on both the MVTA and Metro Transit websites.

On-site Travel Training

Need More? In addition to the helpful videos below, MVTA also provides on-site Travel Training sessions.

An educational Travel Training session hosted by MVTA professionals will teach new and inexperienced riders how to use public transit. This easy overview presentation typically takes 30-45 minutes with dedicated time to answer questions. You will learn to travel safely and independently with confidence. For more information call MVTA customer service (952) 882-7500.

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Commute hassle-free with MVTA.

Plan Pay Ride

Plan a trip, pay your fare, MVTA will get you there.

Limited Mobility

Ride with ease. All MVTA buses are ADA compliant.


Got a bike? Rack it up.


Bus riding basics with MVTA.

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Translated Handouts (PDFs)

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