Employees gain access to deeply discounted, unlimited-ride transit passes. Metropass is available to companies with 10 participants. 

More than 200 organizations across the Twin Cities provide access to deeply discounted, unlimited-ride transit passes to their employees and members with this transit pass program. Metropass is available to organizations with 10 participants; each card is $76 per month*. If your organization has fewer than 10 riders, TransitWorks! is an option that allows employees to purchase transit passes on a pre-tax basis. You can pass the cost of the these programs on to your participants, but if you subsidize any portion of that cost, your organization earns tax credits. This flexible program allows you to pay for the passes your employees use on a monthly basis.

Why Metropass?

  • Big savings. You pay no more than $76 per month* - even less if your company helps subsidize your pass. Plus, your Metropass cost is deducted pre-tax, saving you even more.
  • Instant fare payment. Simply touch your card to a reader before you ride. That's it.
  • Cleaner air. Feel good about how you get to work. Every time you ride the bus or train you reduce your impact on the environment.
  • Automatic renewal. Since your Metropass uses Go-To Card technology, you can use it over and over again.

Learn more at the Metro Transit website.